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The dynamic team at Soundcom specialises in delivering tailored solutions for you – our client.

As a broad and fully integrated agency, we offer an array of marketing, sales and business solutions, which include, business growth strategies, Marketing and sales strategies and plans, financial modelling, digital & traditional media solutions, design, corporate strategies, copywriting/PR, web development, market research, mobile and website applications (including intranets) and innovative software (software as a service and internal operational) to name a few. Our team of specialists are also always happy to meet with you to discuss any ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions that you may be after.

We have worked with a variety of clients on a diverse range of projects, across a number of different sectors. These sectors include, not for profit & charity sector, retail, products, cafes & restaurants, mining and resources, trade services, health services, general SMEs, and the food and beverage sector.

You can trust that our team of experts will work in collaboration with you to identify an innovative approach that will drive success and deliver results.

At Soundcom, you can trust that our team will always act in your best interest, as we believe in operating in an ethical business space.

We put you first – every time.

Meet The Team

We are dedicated professionals, ready to take your business to the next level

Laura Christie

Laura Christie

National Marketing, Sales & Business Growth Strategy Manager

Laura Christie is an award winning business growth strategy specialist who also has a myriad of technical skills allowing for a seamless implementation. She has worked with some of Australia’s well-known brands, not for profits, charities, national retailers, national products, SME’s through to professional service firms and NGO’s. In addition to this, she has a degree in marketing and management and is also completing a postgraduate degree in integrated marketing communications.

With extensive experience in National Marketing Manager roles, She established her consulting business whilst she was a national marketing manager to the main furniture manufacturer to Harvey Norman to help as many businesses as she can.

She hold an Innovation Award from the Australian Institute for Commercialisation is a Business Icon finalist and she was also awarded Anthill Magazines Top 30 under 30 honourable mentions in the first year of operating her first business.

Laura Christie‘s innovative thinking and vast range of skills has allowed her to work with some of Australia’s well known brands such as, Giesen Wines, Mocopan, Cerebos, LinkedIn, Beds R Us, BP, Soften the Fck Up & RSL just to name a few.

To date, Laura has helped establish business growth strategies, marketing and sales strategies, branding and rebranding, online platforms including intranets, websites, social media, SEO, advertising, mobile applications and new business builds now for hundreds of SME’s, Not for profits, national & international brands.

With unlimited passion for what she does, global thinking and strong financial skills, Laura is able to create a sound structured plan that delivers the highest ROI for your business sector.

Jeremy Gates

Jeremy Gates

Digital Content Asset Creation Manager

Jeremy is a digital communications specialist with a pedigree that includes Visual Design, Development, Psychology, Film and Journalism.

His holistic understanding of the relationship between form and function ensures every client gets a solution that can easily grow to accommodate the success of an expanding business.

Equally comfortable working at a local, national or international level be has been the strategic business development consultant for several state and federal government initiatives as well as hundreds of SME’s.

Yes. He is a geek. But he is the friendly type that honestly understands what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the everyday needs of business in the modern age. To that end he never tries to bamboozle clients with hipster tech jargon just to sound smarter than he is.

Jeremy brings ideas, drive and innovation to every stage of the development process from the very first conceptual scribbles to the final bon voyage as you set sail toward the digital horizon.

It’s the problems you’ll never have that make him the best.

Alexei Kouleshov

Alexei Kouleshov

SEO & SEM Campaign Manager

Alexei has been involved with Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation since the very beginning. He has a degree in Information Technology (Major in E-Commerce) from Queensland University of Technology.

Alexei is a published author with a bestseller book called Our Internet Secrets that sold over 30,000 copies.

Alexei’s portfolio includes working with companies like Ella Bache, Clear Skincare and Shortcuts Software.

Alexei’s focus is in connecting lead generation and sales processes for businesses. Since the definition of the ideal customer for everyone is very different, it is important to build the online presence to target the right audience.

Alexei’s passion is to make a change in the lives of business owners by helping them grow their business or get them the right customers.